Choosing the right treadmill can make a significant difference to your workout routine. If you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line treadmill, you’ve likely come across Woodway and Peloton Tread+. This article aims to provide an in-depth comparison of these two leading models, laying out their features, performance, and suitability for various types of users.

Quick List :

Feature Peloton Tread+ Woodway Curve
Price $4,995 $7,995
Speed Up to 12.5 mph Up to 15 mph
Incline Up to 12% Up to 15%
Deck Size 60″ L x 22″ W 65″ L x 22″ W
Belt Thickness 1.6 mm 2.0 mm
Motor 2.25 HP 3.0 HP
Warranty 10-year frame, 2-year parts & labor Lifetime frame, 3-year parts & labor
Touchscreen 23.8″ HD touchscreen 22″ HD touchscreen
Subscription Required Yes No
Link to Product Peloton Tread+ Woodway Curve

Key Features

Deck Size

One of the first things runners look at is deck size:

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The larger deck size on the Peloton Tread+ provides extra running space, making it ideal for taller users or those who like more room during their run.

Motor Power

Power matters when it comes to treadmills, especially for those planning on intensive workouts:

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While both treadmills boast powerful motors, the Woodway Elite model’s 6.0 HP motor surpasses the other variants, making it suitable for rigorous training environments.

Speed and Incline Range

How fast and steep can you go?

  • Woodway:
    • Standard: Speed up to 12.5 mph, Incline up to 15%
    • Elite: Speed up to 15 mph, Incline up to 20%
  • Peloton Tread+: Speed up to 12.5 mph, Incline up to 12.5%

The Woodway Elite again offers superior performance in both speed and incline range, making it a more versatile option for advanced runners.

Running Surface

Comfort and safety are paramount:

The thicker running surface on the Peloton Tread+ provides extra cushioning, which can be beneficial for joint protection over long runs.


Every runner’s dream is to minimize impact on joints:

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The customizable cushioning on the Woodway models can be a boon for users looking to fine-tune their running experience for maximum comfort.


Tech-savvy runners often want the best in displays and interactivity:

The massive 23.8″ touchscreen on the Peloton Tread+ is a standout feature, providing an unparalleled interactive experience.


Staying linked to your devices is critical:

While both offer robust connectivity options, the Peloton Tread+ extends additional features like Wi-Fi and Apple GymKit, making it a bit more versatile.


Running Feel

Your experience on the treadmill matters a lot:

  • Woodway: Responsive, cushioned, mimics outdoor running
  • Peloton Tread+: Supportive, stable, ideal for high-intensity intervals

The Woodway’s cushioned feel is often likened to outdoor running, which can be a major plus for those transitioning from outdoor to indoor runs.

Noise Level

Noise level can make or break your treadmill experience, especially if you live in an apartment:

The Woodway models tend to be quieter, making them more suitable for shared living spaces.


Long-term reliability is a key consideration:

  • Woodway: Known for exceptional durability
  • Peloton Tread+: Less information available, but reports of slat breakage

Woodway’s reputation for durability stands strong, whereas the Peloton Tread+ has had some issues with slat breakages reported by users.

Features and Accessories

Built-in Workouts

Workout options can add variety to your routine:

Offering a wide range of live and on-demand classes which can add a community feeling to your workouts.

Subscription Services

Ongoing costs are an important consideration:

While Peloton demands a subscription for full functionality, Woodway does not have such requirements, potentially saving money over the long term.

Additional Features

Extras can make your treadmill experience more enjoyable:

  • Woodway: QuickStart feature, dry lubrication
  • Peloton Tread+: Auto-Belting, built-in speakers, heart rate monitor

Peloton offers a range of additional features that enhance the workout experience, including built-in speakers and heart rate monitoring.


Warranty terms provide peace of mind:

  • Woodway: 5-year frame, 3-year parts, 1-year labor
  • Peloton Tread+: 12-year frame, 5-year motor, 1-year parts and labor

Peloton provides a more extended warranty on the frame and motor, though both brands offer solid coverage on parts and labor.

Cost and Availability

Cost and Availability


  • Standard: $6,495
  • Elite: $7,495
  • Availability: From authorized dealers

Peloton Tread+

  • Cost: $4,995
  • Availability: Exclusively from Peloton

Peloton’s Tread+ is more affordable compared to Woodway’s models but is only available directly from Peloton.

Summary of Key Differences

  • Deck Size: Peloton Tread+ is larger.
  • Motor Power: Woodway Elite has more power.
  • Speed and Incline Range: Woodway Elite outperforms here.
  • Running Surface: Peloton Tread+ offers thicker cushioning.
  • Noise Level: Woodway is quieter.
  • Durability: Woodway is known for long-term reliability.
  • Built-in Workouts: Peloton Tread+ excels in variety and community engagement.
  • Subscription: Woodway does not require a subscription, unlike Peloton.


For advanced runners needing top-tier performance: Woodway.

For those seeking a connected, community-driven workout experience: Peloton Tread+.

Each treadmill has its own strengths, and your choice should align with your specific fitness goals and preferences.

Happy running! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between Woodway and Peloton Tread+?

The Woodway treadmill is known for its patented slat belt design that provides a more comfortable and low-impact running experience. On the other hand, the Peloton Tread+ offers a more interactive experience with its built-in classes and leaderboard feature.

Which treadmill is better for serious runners looking to train at high intensity?

Serious runners who are looking to train at high intensity may prefer the Woodway treadmill due to its durable construction and advanced shock absorption technology, which can help reduce the risk of injury during intense workouts.

Can both treadmills be used for walking and running?

Yes, both the Woodway treadmill and Peloton Tread+ are versatile machines that can be used for both walking and running. However, the Peloton Tread+ may be better suited for running enthusiasts due to its interactive features.

Are there any differences in terms of maintenance and durability between Woodway and Peloton Tread+?

Both Woodway and Peloton Tread+ treadmills are known for their durability and require minimal maintenance. However, the Woodway treadmill may have a slight edge in terms of longevity due to its high-quality construction and materials.

Which treadmill provides a better overall value for the price?

The choice between Woodway and Peloton Tread+ ultimately depends on your personal preferences and fitness goals. If you prioritize interactive features and classes, the Peloton Tread+ may offer better value. However, if you prefer a more traditional running experience with advanced shock absorption technology, the Woodway treadmill could be the better choice.


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