The Withings ScanWatch series includes the original ScanWatch and the upgraded ScanWatch 2. These smartwatches are designed to blend health and fitness tracking with smartwatch features, providing users with comprehensive insights into their well-being.

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Purpose of the Comparison

Offering consumers a detailed understanding of how withings has enhanced their flagship smartwatch.

Health Tracking Features

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • ScanWatch: Features a single-lead ECG for basic heart health monitoring.
  • ScanWatch 2: Upgrades to a six-lead ECG system, offering more advanced cardiac monitoring capabilities.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Both watches offer continuous heart rate monitoring throughout the day, providing users with real-time insights into their heart health.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

  • ScanWatch: Comes equipped with an SpO2 sensor for tracking blood oxygen levels.
  • ScanWatch 2: Enhances the SpO2 sensor for higher accuracy in measuring blood oxygen saturation levels.

Sleep Tracking

Both the ScanWatch and ScanWatch 2 offer advanced sleep tracking functionality, including the analysis of sleep stages to help users better understand their sleeping patterns.

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Fitness Tracking Features

Activity Tracking

Both models are equipped with features like step counting, distance tracking, and calorie burn monitoring to help users stay active and achieve their fitness goals.

Sports Modes

  • ScanWatch: Offers over 30 sports modes for tracking specific activities.
  • ScanWatch 2: Elevates the sports tracking experience with over 100 dedicated sports modes for precise activity monitoring.


  • ScanWatch: Utilizes connected GPS to map outdoor activities using a paired smartphone.
  • ScanWatch 2: Introduces built-in GPS functionality, allowing users to track their routes independently without the need for a smartphone.

Fitness Level Assessment

Both watches provide users with an estimation of their VO2 max and a Cardio Fitness score to assess their overall fitness levels and progress.

Design and Display

Size and Case Material

  • ScanWatch: Available in 42mm or 38mm sizes with a choice of stainless steel or nylon case.
  • ScanWatch 2: Offers the same size options but with a selection of stainless steel or aluminum cases for a lighter feel.


  • ScanWatch: Features a 1.2-inch AMOLED display for clear visibility.
  • ScanWatch 2: Enhances the viewing experience with a 1.43-inch AMOLED display that offers improved brightness for better readability.

Battery Life

  • ScanWatch: Boasts a battery life of up to 30 days on a single charge.
  • ScanWatch 2: Extends the battery longevity to up to 50 days, ensuring longer usage between charges.

Smartwatch Features

Smartwatch Features


Both models support notifications for calls, messages, emails, and app alerts directly on the wrist, keeping users informed and connected throughout the day.

Music Control

Users can manage music playback on their connected devices using the music control features present on both the ScanWatch and ScanWatch 2.

NFC Payments

  • ScanWatch: Lacks NFC support for contactless payments.
  • ScanWatch 2: Introduces NFC capabilities, allowing users to make secure payments via services like Google Pay.

Voice Assistant

  • ScanWatch: Does not integrate with voice assistants.
  • ScanWatch 2: Offers Amazon Alexa integration, enabling voice commands and smart assistant functionalities from the wrist.

Additional Features

ScanWatch Light

  • ScanWatch Light: The more budget-friendly variant of the ScanWatch 2, offering a more affordable entry into Withings’ ecosystem.
  • ScanWatch Light: With fewer features such as no SpO2 sensor, fewer sports modes, and the absence of built-in GPS, it caters to users looking for essential health tracking capabilities at a lower price point.


  • ScanWatch: Starting at $249.95
  • ScanWatch 2: Starting at $279.95
  • ScanWatch Light: Starting at $179.95

Summary of Key Differences and Improvements

the ScanWatch 2 presents significant improvements over its predecessor, the original ScanWatch, with upgrades in health tracking, fitness features, design elements, and smartwatch functionalities. From advanced ECG systems to a broader range of sports modes and enhanced battery life, the ScanWatch 2 provides users with a more comprehensive and refined smartwatch experience.


When choosing between the ScanWatch and the ScanWatch 2, the decision largely depends on individual priorities. For users seeking the latest in health and fitness tracking technology along with added convenience features like NFC payments and voice assistance, the ScanWatch 2 is a compelling choice. On the other hand, those looking for a more basic health and activity tracker at a lower cost may find the ScanWatch Light to be a suitable option that meets their essential needs.

By offering a range of options to cater to different preferences and budgets, Withings continues to make strides in the wearable tech market, providing users with versatile and innovative smartwatches that promote holistic well-being and active lifestyles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between ScanWatch and ScanWatch 2?

The ScanWatch 2 has improved heart rate monitoring with better accuracy and additional features compared to the original ScanWatch.

Is the battery life better in ScanWatch 2 compared to ScanWatch?

Yes, the ScanWatch 2 offers longer battery life compared to the original ScanWatch, making it more convenient for daily use.

Are there any design changes in ScanWatch 2?

While the overall design remains similar, the ScanWatch 2 may have subtle improvements such as a sleeker profile or enhanced display.

Does ScanWatch 2 have additional health tracking features?

Yes, the ScanWatch 2 may come with new health tracking capabilities such as sleep tracking, stress monitoring, or respiratory rate measurement.

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Is ScanWatch 2 more expensive than ScanWatch?

The price of ScanWatch 2 may vary depending on the added features and improvements, but it could be slightly more expensive than the original ScanWatch due to the enhancements.


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