• Purpose: Comparing the OLED display quality of Legion Go and Steam Deck.
  • Thesis: Providing a comprehensive analysis to determine the superior visual experience between these gaming devices.

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Lenovo Legion Go Display

Lenovo Legion Go Display

Display Specifications

SpecificationLegion Go
Panel TypeOLED
Resolution1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate120Hz
HDR SupportYes, HDR10
Brightness500 nits (typical)

Image Quality

  • Color Accuracy: Delta-E less than 2.
  • Contrast Ratio: Infinite.
  • Viewing Angles: Provides excellent, wide viewing angles without color shifting.
  • Color Gamut: Wide color gamut covering 95% DCI-P
  • Black Levels: Offers true blacks with minimal light bleed.

Other Features

  • Certification: X-Rite Pantone Certification ensures color accuracy and consistency.

Steam Deck OLED Display

Display Specifications

SpecificationSteam Deck
Panel TypeOLED
Resolution1280 x 800
Aspect Ratio16:10
Refresh Rate60Hz
HDR SupportNo
Brightness400 nits (typical)

Image Quality

  • Color Accuracy: Delta-E below 2.
  • Contrast Ratio: Offers infinite contrast.
  • Viewing Angles: Similar to Legion Go, with wide viewing angles and no color shifting.
  • Color Gamut: Covers 95% DCI-P3, providing vibrant colors.
  • Black Levels: Maintains true blacks with minimal light leakage.

Other Features

  • Coating: Includes an anti-glare coating to enhance visibility in different lighting conditions.


  • Resolution: Legion Go boasts a higher resolution (1920 x 1080) compared to Steam Deck (1280 x 800).
  • Refresh Rate: Legion Go offers a higher refresh rate of 120Hz, exceeding Steam Deck’s 60Hz.
  • HDR Support: Legion Go supports HDR10, a feature absent in Steam Deck.
  • Brightness: Legion Go shines brighter with a typical brightness of 500 nits, surpassing Steam Deck’s 400 nits.
  • Black Levels: Both devices deliver infinite contrast ratios for deep, true blacks.
  • Color Accuracy: Both displays excel in color accuracy with Delta-E values below 2.

Summary of Findings

  1. Legion Go excels in resolution and refresh rate.
  2. Legion Go supports HDR, providing enhanced visual effects.
  3. Legion Go’s higher brightness enhances display clarity.
  4. Both devices excel in black levels and color accuracy.


Based on the superior resolution, refresh rate, and HDR support, Legion Go emerges as the optimal choice for a visually immersive gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Legion Go?

The Legion Go is a portable gaming device developed by Lenovo, featuring a vibrant OLED display and powerful hardware for gaming on the go.

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What is the Steam Deck OLED Display?

The Steam Deck is a handheld gaming console created by Valve Corporation, with an OLED display that offers superior visual quality compared to traditional LCD screens.

How does the visual quality of Legion Go compare to Steam Deck OLED Display?

In the visual quality test, we found that the Legion Go and Steam Deck OLED Display both deliver stunning visual experiences with vibrant colors and sharp details, but the Steam Deck’s OLED screen provides deeper blacks and more vivid contrast.

Can Legion Go and Steam Deck OLED Display run high-end games smoothly?

Both Legion Go and Steam Deck OLED Display are equipped with powerful processors and graphics cards, allowing them to run high-end games smoothly at respectable framerates and resolutions.

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Which one would you recommend for gaming enthusiasts, Legion Go or Steam Deck OLED Display?

Ultimately, the choice between Legion Go and Steam Deck OLED Display depends on personal preferences and budget constraints. While the Legion Go offers a premium gaming experience with Lenovo’s expertise, the Steam Deck’s OLED display may appeal to users looking for the best visual quality.


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