The M4 iPad Pro stands out as a powerful and versatile device tailored for illustration and creative work, offering cutting-edge features and performance. As artists and professionals explore the capabilities of this device, the need for suitable accessories becomes paramount to enhance the user experience and unleash its full potential.

Quick List :

Feature M4 iPad Pro
Display 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display
Processor M4 chip
Storage 128GB to 2TB
Memory Up to 16GB
Camera 12MP wide, 10MP ultrawide, and LiDAR scanner
Battery Up to 10 hours of battery life
Weight 1.5 pounds
Dimensions 11.04 inches x 8.46 inches x 0.25 inches
Operating system iPadOS 16
Price Starting at $1,099
Link M4 iPad Pro on Amazon

Essential Accessories for Illustration

When it comes to illustration on the M4 iPad Pro, the right accessories can make a significant difference in workflow and creative output. Here are some must-have accessories for illustrators:

1. Styluses

Drawing and sketching on the M4 iPad Pro require a precise and responsive stylus to deliver accurate results. Here are some top styluses for illustration:

  • Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)
    • Precise pressure sensitivity for realistic drawing and painting
    • Magnetic attachment and wireless charging for convenience
  • Logitech Crayon
    • Affordable option with tilt sensitivity for versatile strokes
    • Palm rejection technology ensures comfortable use
  • Adonit Note+
    • Advanced palm rejection and pressure detection for accuracy
    • Bluetooth connectivity for customizable button shortcuts


Protecting the M4 iPad Pro is essential for longevity and durability, especially for illustrators on the go. Consider these top cases for safeguarding your device:

  • ESR Rebound Hybrid Case
    • Rugged construction with shock-absorbing corners for impact protection
    • Transparent back to showcase the iPad’s design
    • Built-in Apple Pencil holder for convenience
  • Zugu Case Guardian Pro
    • Military-grade protection against drops and scratches
    • Magnetic stand with multiple viewing angles for versatile use
    • Built-in keyboard to increase productivity on the go
  • Incipio Folio Case
    • Luxurious leather construction for a premium feel
    • Front cover with an adjustable stand for ergonomic viewing
    • Secure magnetic closure for safe transport

Screen Protectors

Keeping the iPad Pro’s screen protected is crucial for maintaining clarity and usability. Explore these top screen protectors for your M4 iPad Pro:

  • Paperlike Screen Protector
    • Mimics the tactile feel of drawing on paper
    • Reduced glare and fingerprint resistance for optimal visibility
    • Compatible with Apple Pencil for seamless drawing
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    • High-level protection against scratches and impacts
    • Crystal clear transparency for uncompromised display quality
    • Smudge-resistant coating for easy maintenance

Other Accessories

In addition to styluses, cases, and screen protectors, other accessories can further elevate your illustration experience on the M4 iPad Pro:

  • Wireless Earbuds: Enjoy music or podcasts while working with noise-canceling features.
  • External Keyboard: Enhance typing comfort and productivity with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Portable Drawing Tablet: Expand your artistic horizons with a larger canvas, compatible with the iPad Pro via USB-C.

Investing in quality accessories is essential for optimizing the illustration experience on the M4 iPad Pro. The right tools not only enhance productivity but also unlock creative potential. By selecting the best styluses, cases, screen protectors, and additional accessories, users can tailor their setup to meet their specific needs and preferences. Remember, the right accessories can truly make a difference in maximizing both productivity and creativity with the M4 iPad Pro in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must-have accessories for M4 iPad Pro in 2024?

The must-have accessories for M4 iPad Pro in 2024 include a protective case, Apple Pencil 4, high-quality screen protector, Bluetooth keyboard, and a portable stand.

How can the protective case enhance the M4 iPad Pro usage?

How can the protective case enhance the M4 iPad Pro usage?

A protective case can help safeguard the M4 iPad Pro from scratches, drops, and other damages, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its sleek appearance.

What features should I look for in a high-quality screen protector for the M4 iPad Pro?

When choosing a high-quality screen protector for M4 iPad Pro, look for features like anti-glare coating, scratch resistance, and precise touch sensitivity to enhance the user experience.

Why is the Apple Pencil 4 considered a must-have accessory for the M4 iPad Pro?

The Apple Pencil 4 offers precision, responsiveness, and versatility, making it an essential tool for artists, designers, students, and anyone who values seamless digital note-taking and drawing capabilities.

How can a Bluetooth keyboard and portable stand improve the functionality of the M4 iPad Pro?

A Bluetooth keyboard allows for more comfortable typing and enhances productivity, while a portable stand offers hands-free viewing and ergonomic benefits, optimizing the overall usability of the M4 iPad Pro.


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